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The crown of ash : What is water (6) (final episode)

The crown of ash : What is water (6) (final episode)

(6 episodes in all, I will post an article I wrote in a mini comic magazine from 1984 to 1985. It is old, but I still admit that it has a certain value. My writing( This )is an article that corresponds to training. Episode 6, the final episode.)

Recently, when washing, I use the spring water of Nukui Benten (Koganei City). The way that flows into the Nogawa, because there is a waterway, where I do. At that time, synthetic detergent, of course, the soap also does not use. Just wash with water. However, if I am concerned about oil stains, use ash (made by burning charcoal) and wash in a basin. So, I am fully satisfied, wearing the clothes.

For more than 10 years, there has been a movement to stop using synthetic detergents and switch to soap, but why not switch to soap? It's true that soap is less toxic and better than synthetic detergents. The reason for this is that, difference between the two is, are relative, because not differ essentially, I believe that.

Synthetic detergents are produced by forcibly using petroleum, so it is natural that there is a problem. Things like multiplying Warped oil to the creatures. Similarly ,it would be phosphate-free. This is out of the question. Then, how about soap --- "Make it by adding alkali (ash) to biological fats and oils." First of all, with regard to fats and oils, if you collect the tempura oil that you throw away in the sink in the kitchen, you can keep rivers and lakes clean and use it as a raw material for soap, so it will be a step forward. However, is another one of the alkali content is a problem. Usually, "caustic soda (sodium hydroxide)" produced by electrolyzing seawater is used. This is, for industrial is important, and the eyes by mistake, and blindness. Also, during electrolysis, chlorine gas is emitted as a single crack. This poisonous gas is the causative agent of the carcinogen trihalomethane. (Refer to the second series)


If you admit soap, you will have to admit trihalomethane in fact. It should be noted that the sodium in many soaps, if it is defeated in the fields as fertilizer, will cause salt damage. Crops grow unexpected barren earth. This is not a groundless. Synthetic detergents and soaps are similar in that they use artificial techniques that detract from nature.

Again, for spring water. Most of the dirt on ordinary clothes is mud, dust, and salt. This is easily soluble in water. The rest is about 10% oil and fat that is difficult to dissolve in water. It should be noted that the reason why soap does not foam easily depends on the salt content, so you know that you should wash it once with water and then wash it. Besides, since the river is connected to the sea, it is better to return the salt to the river. (grandpa goes to the river to do the laundry!) I usually wear clothes that are not conspicuous, so washing with water is enough. If you are concerned about oil, wash it with ash. Ash is alkaline, so if you stir it in a basin, it will react with the oil in your clothes and form soap! ――― Yes, ash is enough to remove the oil.

What to do if there are no springs or rivers nearby? That's easy. First of all, to wash their own hands. You can then machine it or wash it by hand until the end. Sewage goes to the sea via a treatment plant. With respect to the salinity, good in this. Those of the sea, may return to the sea. However, considering the whole sewage, it is not so easy. (Refer to the 4th series:

https://iirei.hatenadiary.com/entry/2020/11/04/170623) This is not something that cannot be done. Can not? --- You are lazy.

Also, what should I do with things that are difficult to remove with soap, such as machine stains? ――― I don't work in such a place, so I don't have to think about it. Please use synthetic detergents to damage your health. Nothing makes the world worse than continuing to deceive yourself into a job you don't want to do. (Author = Writer's Note: After this, I also got a job covered in machine oil. Hahaha ...)

Is the oil and fat that I have been the enemy of my eyes really a bad guy? Vegetables and fruits are wrapped in wax (oils and fats) from themselves. This is self-defense in every sense. Mold-virus sweating .... other. But what if I forcibly remove this with detergent? You get sick. Human beings as well. Blindly No need to drop. What you want to drop is just a mindset that cares about how it looks. "Lightly dressed of groovy, you will catch cold."

Well, this series also, ends at this time. I've been writing for a year and I've changed a lot. At first, I had only water in my sight and even looked down on fire. (First in the series:

https://iirei.hatenadiary.com/entry/2020/10/16/162805 )

This was my mistake. Now, I want to be friends with all of the five elements, Wood,Fire,Soil,Metal,Water:which are the worldviews of China. In this, I have written about Water,Wood,Soil, so I will write what I am thinking about fire and metal.

Fire: Recently, my friend recommended me to cook over charcoal. This is also, wonderful. Charcoal fires burn from itsself, never accepting coercion from others. Its fire power is strong. Brown rice also, cook sufficient soil pan. I really think so when the joy of one person shifts to another and sees the burning charcoal. The suppressed gas also explodes. Charcoal are not. Scientifically, charcoal fire does not just produce calories, but emits "far infrared rays" to warm Honwaka Honyari(ほんわか・ほんやり). The blessing of the sun --- the food for our lives. If there is a fire and water, all begins.

In addition, ash is also amazing. Component of the ash, sodium less, potassium often. It can become an ideal fertilizer. In the story of washing earlier, the size of the ash-containing water received by the basin is to be used as fertilizer later. --- The Power of ash, but that's not all. For more information, see "There is a mystery in the ashes " (Author Takeo Koizumi, NTT Publishing) Please refer to the like. Yes, gray life, welcome!
I want to wear ashes and live. I want to live like ashes.

Metal. This is the etymology of "taken from the soil." It includes not only metals, but also petroleum, plastics, glass and so on. The current usage is industrial products --- the best for humans. I don't completely deny it, but You don't overdo it—Metal is precious because it's scarce. I myself, but is the Faculty of Engineering born, for the metal, we believe that we should be cautious.

So far, in a series of six times, I would like to write you ,the point I want to say really.

(1) Water is not just a material. alive.
(2) Do technology think to clean the water. Trying to live that does not pollute the water.
(3) No matter how dirty it is, water is water and thank you for drinking it.
(4) Do not use too much water. It sheds important things and shortens our lives.
(5) Try to use the water near you. Even if you don't like dams, the idea of driving to the mountains is wrong.
(6) Everything starts with changing yourself.
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・

Most of the water I have touched so far is land water. It is of water on Earth, only 0.1%. Parts per thousand. I, water, little known. So, my work from this is, fun.
Let's meet again. (End)


( Explanation of the figure)
It is a figure of the five elements (Wood,Fire,Soil,Metal,Water) that brought water to the center. Get the fire for the ashes. Metal is taken out of the soil (the remainder of the soil). Nanji (汝)shall be "you" with water + woman. It indicates the obedience of a woman, and even "woman" (女)is read as "nanji". To vomit is to "create". Because the soil produces everything.



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In Japanese, original

 灰かむり  水って、なあに?(6)(最終回)














(1) 水は単なる物質ではない。生きている。
(2) 水をきれいにする技術は考えるな。水を汚さない生活をしよう。
(3) いかに汚れていようと、水は水であり、飲めることに感謝しよう。
(4) 水を使いすぎてはいけない。それは、大切なものを流し去り、私たちの生命を縮める。
(5) 自分の近くにある水を使うようにしよう。ダムが嫌であっても、自動車で山奥に汲みに行く発想は、間違っている。
(6) 全ては自分を変えることから始まる。

 また、お会いしましょう。        (了)