Diamond cut Diamond--Ultra-Vival

Rei Morishita from Japan: Environmentalist, poet, essayist. Everything, various things will be taken up. Originally, it was a blog about disasters, and expanded to say romance, for example, is a kind of disaster because it is a problem of one’s survival.

Self-introduction (Profile) Iirei is the official name "Morishita Rei". Completed the Department of Urban Engineering and Hygiene Course, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo. I am an environmentalist, poet and essayist. Areas of expertise: Mathematics, Chinese philosophy, horticulture, etc. Hobbies: Papermaking(Washi), SKORPION observation ‥ In this blog, we will consider "crisis management" in a broad sense. Not only natural disasters such as earthquakes, but also wars, economic crises, famines, romance, food safety, etc. "threats to human survival", etc. "False facts" are "lie" and "real". "Ultra (super) survival, which is a word that is a play on English survival (overcoming and living), is my coined word. nice to meet you. However, recently, I have taken up various themes other than "crisis management". "Diamond cut Diamond" is close to the nuances of Japanese, and the English version adopted it. Birthday: February 23, 1960, 23:23 Pisces (essentially Scorpio) The icon of this blog is "Genkouzu" that I drew. Black sky(Gen :玄) and yellow earth(Kou:黄). Seven black crows are flying from the sky. (It's a pity that the screen is cut off a little.) The image is from the Chinese classic "I Ching: Ekikyo". In addition, the composition consists of two parts: 1) text and 2) poetry(ex.Haiku)sometimes. Main work: "Picking the buds of disasters" (1999, published by Tokyo Keizai), 1000 yen per book. In July 2006, "Eat wild grass, JIMI (Tasty:滋味)!!" was published. One book is 650 yen. In March 2009, "The University of Tokyo Elite's Lifelong Learning Theory" was published as an electronic book from eBookland. One book is 315 yen (CD-R). Preparing for the next work, "Home Economics as an Act." Bibliographic information (Picking the buds of disaster) "Disaster" is not limited to earthquakes and floods! "Disaster-free technology", which broadly regards disasters as "threats to the survival of people" and sounds a warning to the lifestyle of civilized people while also considering daily drinking and smoking. I named it. I will approach various aspects of the disaster by making full use of Chinese thoughts such as Laozi and I Ching and the understanding of kanji(Chinese hieroglyph). (Eat wild grass, JIMI !!) A kind of picture book that describes pictures of wild grasses that are familiar and not so high-class and how to cook them. An introductory book on wild grass cooking that covers about 30 types of edible wild grasses (dandelions, purslanes, harlequins, etc.),olso poisonous grasses, and useless grasses. (The University of Tokyo Elite's Lifelong Learning Theory) Academics and mathematics that can fly from unpleasant reality. The author entered to the University of Tokyo to become a mathematician, but is disappointed at the terrible first class, and although he aims at the French literature department, I was depressed and goes to the hygiene course of the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Urban Engineering. Specializes in "water". At that time, it wasn't popular because it dealt with "dirty things (shit, pee)". And, while fighting against the rough reality, it is a record and an educational book spelled out thinking about what "Elite" is. The author has a wealth of experience as a cram school teacher and tutor, so readers will be able to obtain some useful information.
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