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William Wilson ... Poe's Horror Novel (Doppelgänger, This and that)

William Wilson ... Poe's Horror Novel (Doppelgänger, This and that)

"I'm named William Wilson. However, from some time ago, a man who looked exactly like me and had the same name as William Wilson appeared.
He always works to erase what I have done. If it was a gambling trick, he would reveal it and work to defeat my name. "

And the final showdown ... Shadow Master William Wilson said, "Come on, you win. I lose. But from now on, I think you're dead too. In this world and in heaven. I think You've become unrelated to hope. I lived because I was there. Look at where I'm dying. You can see it in this figure. This is you. How much have you destroyed yourself? You should know it.

"(Black cat / Morg Street Murder: Takayoshi Ogawa Translated by: Kobunsha Classic New Translation paperback)

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849: died at the age of 40) was an unconventional poet and novelist created by the American climate. His work was rarely appreciated during his lifetime, but in the field of poetry, the French poet: Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867: died at the age of 46) formed the concept of "French symbolic poetry". Poe had a great influence on it. In addition, you went back 50 years ago when the general public could understand the concept of "mystery / detective novel", introduced it, and reflected it in the actual work. : As a great senior of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, he creates the famous detective Dupin. Also, the pen name of the Japanese mystery writer "Edogawa Ranpo" was exactly the same as Po's full name. It's like saying "Edgah alam poh".

This novel "William Wilson" is a work that is categorized as the story of the so-called " Doppelgänger ", and even among those works, it is a well-developed novel.
In German, it is called "der Doppelgänger " , and it has the meaning of "living spirit, alter ego, substitute, replacement ball". (From Sanshusha / Contemporary Germany-Japanese Dictionary) Doppel means "double". William Wilson feels like he has a side of "joy" in meeting his alter ego.

Schubert (1797-1828: died at the age of 31) was inspired by the poem of Heine ( 1797-1856: died at the age of 59), and was called "Shadow Master / Der Doppelgänger " from now on. Even if you look at it, you are making a unique work. The piano is sung like a snarl, just by chopping the sounds like stepping stones, sparsely. If you haven't heard it, please listen. This is the 13th song of his last songbook "The Swan Song".



Der Doppelgänger (The Swan Song)

Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927: died at the age of 35) also said in his book that he had seen "Kageboshi: Doppelgänger " in his lifetime near his death.

A word of the day: People who have seen Doppelgänger will be told that they will soon die, considering Schubert and Ryunosuke Akutagawa, who had a short life, as an example. Among most people who see Doppelgänger, many people die around 40 years old.

Speaking of which, Po has a long poem called "The Raven: Ogarasu", which makes an ominous voice say "never more" (never again), but the influences of this poet on Baudelaire are so interesting to see how much they are.

In his songbook "Winter Journey", Schubert sings the feeling of "my" love for the crow, which is still ominous but never leaves around "him". He sings, " swear allegiance to me, even if I already go to a grave."

Somehow, the artists I mentioned today feel like a "crow connection". (Crows look great on Ryunosuke Akutagawa's successful work "Rashomon.") An artist who loves crows is short-lived ...?

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 エドガー・アラン・ポー(Edger Allan Poe:1809−1849:40歳で死亡)は、アメリカの風土が生み出した、型破りな詩人・小説家でした。生前その作品はほとんど評価されませんでしたが、詩の分野では、フランスの詩人・シャルル・ボードレール(Charles Pierre Baudelaire:1821−1867:46歳で死亡)の「フランス象徴詩」の概念形成に大きな影響を与えました。そのほか、今で言う「ミステリー・推理小説」という概念を一般の人が理解できる50年前に遡り、導入して、実作にも反映させていたわけですね。:シャーロック・ホームズエルキュール・ポアロの大先輩として、名探偵デュパンを創造しています。また、日本のミステリー作家「江戸川乱歩」のペンネームは、まさにポーのフルネームをもじったものでした。「エドガワ・ァ・ランポ」と言った具合ですね。

ドイツ語で「der Doppelgaenger」(aeはaのウムラウトとしておく、変換できないので)と呼び、「生霊、分身、代役、替え玉」などの意味をもちます。(三修社・現代独和辞典より)doppelが「2重である」という意味を表します。ウィリアム・ウィルソンは、自分の分身に会うことに一面の「喜び」を感じたような気がします。







 そう言えば、ポーには「大鴉:おおがらす」という長詩があり、「never more」(もう二度とない)と不吉な声を響かせるのですが、この詩人がボードレールに与えた影響はどれほどあるか、興味深いところです。




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There are many works of art related to Doppelgänger. Poe in the United States and Schubert in Austria are famous, but I think this ominous image also had a negative effect on the fate of the artists involved.