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Beckoning cat without left hand:Life history of Choma (domestic cat)

Beckoning cat without left hand:Life history of Choma (domestic cat)

In 1993, I was surprised when my father, who had a ruthless attitude toward living things, said that he would keep a "cat". I thought, "A man who is as cold as my father keep a cat?"

The cat I saw for the first time was a really small cat, and I thought, "What is this little one?"
I noticed and received one of the kittens born by the clerk of the company where my father was the factory manager. And this cat is a cat that has "Scottish Fold" in one parent, and the place where the ears originally hang down, but the characteristic did not appear in the cat himself.

My father gave the name "Choma". It seems that it means eating food little by little. That's why my father also called it "Chomako" and "Guitsukotan".

They are together when they go to bed.

And Choma grew up, given cat food and occasionally fish sashimi.

In the case of Choma, the food that should be served at the set time ,but served he was screaming, so he grew bigger and became a heavyweight cat. Approximately 9 kg.

And, as a male cat’s nature, he went on an expedition to the outside of our house, cultivated territory, and returned triumphantly. Such a choma has a rival, and he comes home after a quarrel with a lot of lives, so the injury was usual. For example, "corneal perforation" is a fear of blindness, so I took him to a veterinary clinic and received eye drops. Also, in the case of cats, the surface of the injured part will soon heal and lesions will remain in the body, so it was necessary to pay attention to this as well.

Also, at my home, We was feeding the stray cats as well, so Choma was kicking them down as if he was looking down on them. It was an arrogant attitude. Once, Choma was hitting a poor cat "Knock" who escaped to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, so I once held a Choma and let the knock escape in the meantime, saying "You also like bullying the weak". ..

Among these stray cats, there was a gentle brother-like cat, who lived while caring with his colleagues. We used to call it "Know". This cat's brother has a light coat color, but the coat color is dark, so he called it "Know (dark)". The other is "tan (light)". Easy nomenclature.

January 10, 1996 came to my house doing so.

On January 10, 1996, something happened to Choma. In the daytime, I heard some kind of squeaky voice, so there was a Choma in the doorway room ... But if I look closely, the wrist of his left hand is "twisted", and it looks horrible.

I had to take him to a veterinary clinic right away, but I was surprised ,when he ate food for such a time .

I heard at a veterinary clinic that he can't make an "artificial limb", and if the front leg remains halfway, the bones will be exposed, so we have to take the left front leg together.

Choma's surgery was performed there, and Choma became three legs.

After the accident, the appearance of "Know" disappeared, so I suspect that Choma was bullying Know, but he tampered with the artificial rotating equipment and screwed it. "Know" would have robbed one hand of Choma in exchange for his life.

Then another surgery is needed. Choma, who was in such a pitiful state, had an instinct as a male cat, and had an urge to go out, so he had to undergo castration surgery. If you go outside as before, he will soon be killed in a fight. Choma, "he lost testicles".

Choma has become a cat that mustn't patrolling and is kept in the house.

Another reason is that he got FUS (urinary tract stones) by feeding fish containing a lot of magnesium, probably because of lack of exercise, and we were able to resolve the symptom, but we couldn't feed fish, and magnesium, which seems not to be very delicious, Cat food that is not included is now available from veterinary clinics.

Did Choma have any fun in this state? Our family supported Choma as much as we could. Did he notice the blame when he was bullying the stray cats?

My father said: "Choma is as unlucky as you" ("you" means iirei).

Choma who has stopped going either. Choma can't go outside and can only eat cat food that isn't delicious. Still, Choma was desperately eating cat food to live.

Our family prayed that we could live longer at least and asked the veterinary clinic to have surgery to remove tartar. The surgery was completed successfully, and when I got home, there was something wrong with Choma ... he was crouching in the hallway and groaning. we left him as a temporary thing, but it became a fatal injury. When I asked the vet, Choma was vulnerable to anesthesia. The time is early winter 1998.

If there was information that it was so vulnerable to anesthesia, I wouldn't have had tartar removal surgery. Warming up after anesthesia surgery ... This information was late.

Choma has finally stopped moving. And we took him to a veterinary clinic almost every day, but definitive information comes from the vet. Choma had "feline AIDS" and "feline leukemia" ... Did he noticeably develop the disease on his loose body due to anesthesia?

On the way home that day, I released Choma to a large wheat field.

Choma couldn't get away from Carrie and stayed still. This space was a very sad space-time for me.


And a family meeting ... I had a meeting with my father, myself, and my younger brother, and agreed to euthanize Choma. It means that if I find myself in such a situation, I want to do so.

On the day of euthanasia, I didn't attend because I had other things I couldn't remove, but when I made a farewell greeting, Choma responded sitting straight. My younger brother and father witnessed at the veterinary hospital, he said "Nyan" (One word) when he injected the "super-powerful anesthetic".

This is the end of Choma, who was weaker than a cat in anesthesia ...

A few days later, Choma was cremated at the "Pet Animal Funeral Home" attached to the city's cleaning office. At this time, my father and I went. I had them burn a stuffed horse that had been tattered to his liking. Some of the bones are sown in the garden and some are in the urn.

Choma especially eased the feud(battle) between me and my father and played a key role in the love of the whole family. The iirei‘s family has always had something like "Buddhist karma", and I believe that Choma has supported us for the five years he lived.


This painting is a portrait of Choma that I unknowingly drew about two months before Choma's death.
It is an oil painting with a title such as "Handless Maneki Neko".


I think that even a cat without hand can be a beckoning cat (Maneki Neko).

In Japanese, original


1993年、 生き物には非情な態度をとってきた父が「ネコ」を飼うぞ、と言ったときには驚きました。「父のように冷淡な男がネコでもあるまい」、と思っていたのです。
































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