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Rei Morishita from Japan: Environmentalist, poet, essayist. Everything, various things will be taken up. Originally, it was a blog about disasters, and expanded to say romance, for example, is a kind of disaster because it is a problem of one’s survival.

My Once in a while meeting: One night with a man who writes Chinese poetry (prose poetry)

My Once in a while meeting: One night with a man who writes Chinese poetry (prose poetry)

When I was living in Tokyo, I changed my boarding house frequently, but I was in Nogata-cho, Nakano-ward for about two years. I thought that I would live in Nogata because the tiger lives in Nogata, probably because I become a tiger when I drink alcohol (?).(tiger means a bad drunken.)

There are many second-hand bookstore in Nogata and Koenji, Suginami-ward, and I also like old books, so I went into Nogata's store and searched for my only book closely.

Suddenly, an old man called out to me. He said, "Your eyes are unusual, wonderful. Would you like to go out with me for a moment?"

The eye light that I was supposed to have ... This could be taken as a Cheeky guy seen from the eyes from a delinquent boy, but in this case, it was good that he called out.

His place of residence is in Koenji, and I lived in Koenji before I moved to Nogata, so it was like a hometown. Hey, I accompanied him.

Guided to my whereabouts, I shared with him each other's identities. He is a poet who writes Chinese poetry, and was introduced to some of the Chinese poems he actually wrote. He also said, "Hero knows hero."

Sake was served, and I was allowed to eat his hearty food. It was good sake and gastronomy. While doing so, I read aloud Chinese poetry. He seemed happy with my reading.


With such a pleasant exchange, I vomited after drinking a little too much alcohol. He blames it and says, " What is vomiting food? --go out!"

I also left his house in response to the words of quarrel, saying, "If you don't like vomiting, don't bother calling me!" We just drank too much each other. Both were big tigers.

We have never met again since then. But now that I call myself a poet, I sometimes look back on what that encounter was. Does that Chinese poetry become the source of snow in me and support the poetry?

The encounter at that time would be "Ichi-go-ichi-e(一期一会)"(= Once in a while) in the phrase. Not only poetry, but his way of doing household chores and cooking is alive in me now.


(Note: Tigers and big tigers are people who get drunk and become aggressive.)

Later, when I told an elder woman what happened, she said, "You should have apologized to him." I never thought of that, and I was surprised. We shared a good time with each other until I was blamed. The last was "both fighters are bad", and I thought we were both good and bad.
I have no intention of apologizing to him.

Today's poem

@ To love

When I was young, I was apathetic to the words love .
I didn't say it even if I made a mistake.
However, the fifth woman who since I was born and fell in love with,

Every time She say love boldly
I started paying attention to these words.
In the words she was saying:

"You are a lonely person. Your love will make your lover lonely."
That stuck to my head.
After that, as I continued to have a love affair,

I also started to use "love" without hesitation.
Now, I may be a landlord about these concepts.
But romance isn't fulfilled. Poor thing.


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When I was a student, I was liked by an old man and invited to his house who writes Chinese poetry. I read aloud his poems and had a good homemade dish, but in the end I drank too much, spit, and was kicked out. We haven't met, but I'm writing poetry.