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Native American special (2blogs set):"Tecumseh"+"Rum&indians"

Native American special (2blogs set):"Tecumseh"+"Rum&indians"

Indian (Native American), Tecumseh: Its majestic poetry

It is a poetry by Tecumseh that appears at the end of the movie "Navy SEALs".
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・

Live a life free from the fear of death
Don't undermine people's faith
Ask them to respect people's thoughts and their own thoughts
Love life and be complete
Beautifully color everything
Strive to live long and serve your loved ones
And when that time comes
Don't be trapped in the fear of death
I want more time
Don't be a lamenter who wants to start a different life
Singing hymns
Die as if the hero's return

This passage is quoted from the blog below (↓).

http://ameblo.jp/n-black77/entry-11549052820.html n-Black blog

(I asked an acquaintance to tell me about the existence of this blog and poetry.)

I think it's a poetry that is eloquent without degrading its dignity. In a short poetry, the vision of one life is concentrated. It also has a clear view of life and death. Who can write such a poetry ...?

Below, from Wikipedia

Tecumseh, or Tecumseh (Tecumseh / Tecumtha / Tekamthi, 1768? --October 5, 1813), is a Shawnee warrior or chief of the American Indians, a symbol of the colonial resistance movement against whites.

The American pronunciation of his name is "/ tɛˈkʌmsə /" (Tecumseh), which in Shawnee terms means "shooting star," or "leopard across the sky," or "ambushing leopard."

Tecumseh is called the "chief", but whites still confuse "respected warriors" with "chiefs" (mediators), so what Tecumseh himself calls in Indian society. I don't know if he was a "chief". This is because he was a "great warrior" at the forefront of the battle. Whether he is a "great warrior" or a "chief," he is still not a "tribal leader."

In an Indian society based on a collegial system, there are no absolute powers such as "chiefs" and "commanders." All Indian warriors are free-for-all warriors. It is not a "army corps" in which there is someone "battle commander" and all warriors are commanded under the command system of command hierarchy. The Indian society is a side-by-side society, and there is no culture of "commanding".

"Tecumseh led a large army of Indians" is a white belief and misunderstanding.

The following is also from wikipedia.

The only way to prevent this evil of the white man's aggression is for Indians to unite and claim a common and equal right to the land. Land has never been divided. It belongs to all of us Indians.

No Indian tribe has the right to sell land, even if it is the same tribe. Moreover, it does not say that it has the right to sell to white people who have come in from outside.
These last few lines are from Tecumseh 's speech.

I wrote in the past logs how the Indians were deprived of their land by the whites and cornered, and Tecumseh 's speech was also spectacular in this spotlight.


Rum and Indians (in Japanese)

..., I wrote an Anglo-Saxon barbarism that tricked the Indians into seizing the land. Whites were committing fraudulent acts such as "Indian + rum = zero" and having Indians who drunk and made them get drunk heavily and made write a land transfer letter.

Today's one word: Max Weber, a sociologist famous for "The Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism," read the analects (Confucius's words and deeds) and said, "This way of speaking is similar to an Indian chief." ... Well, from the perspective of Europeans, I think there is an uplifting meaning that both are the same, and that it is the freedom of white people to manage and persecute. This is the so-called "Orientalism".

Rum and Indians

When whites from Europe came to North America, their purpose was to secure land as agricultural land. In that case, private ownership of the land is a major premise. Native Americans, or Indians, on the other hand, did not have the concept of private land ownership. This difference in starting point separates the light and dark of the two.

The first British immigrants didn't know how to live in a new environment and the Indians taught them a lot, but the British immigrants didn't thank the Indians and Prayed to Christian god. They thanked him. This is the beginning of Thanksgiving. And they gradually begin to oppress the Indians.


Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), who is famous for lightning kite experiments, stated as follows. "Rum + savage = 0" (American Indian tragedy 91P: Shigeru Fujinaga: Asahi Sensho) What does it mean? Indians didn't know strong liquor, and recommended them to rum with high alcohol content. Then, if he get drunk and write a certificate of transfer of land at that time, the land will fall into the hands of white people without difficulty, because even if he gets drunk and protest, whites will protest because he have signed the certificate. Is a dimension that is invalid. And the above equation is that the Indians are stripped of their clothes and destroyed. There must have been no testimony among the Indians in the first place. Franklin is also a considerable villain.

George Washington (1732-1799), the first president of the United States, also aggressively hunted down Indians. Like Franklin, he wasn't a saint . but went to a slave black woman's hut to have sex and mass-produce his private babies. At that time, he seems to die from the cold he caught. He got what goes around comes around. He made a fortune in tobacco cultivation, where he was committing a black woman who was a causative. It's a story about the Virginia Slim and famous region of tobacco. (American Indian Tragedy 110P)

However, it was too late when the Indians realized the danger of British immigration. In terms of population, British immigrants also outnumbered Indians. There, more and more white people's character of "looting land" is fully demonstrated. On the Indian side, many rebellious heroes appeared, but they were all overwhelmed and the Indian decline was decided. Not a few cases have had a disastrous end due to betrayal of relatives. The hero's Bleached neck has long been exposed. King Philip, Tecumseh, Sequoia, John Ross, to name a few. Among them, Sequoia was so intelligent that he developed his own characters based on the alphabet and increased the literacy rate of Cherokee Indians.

It goes without saying that the above experience of looting was also utilized in the rule of the Philippines, which was taken from Spain. After the Pacific War, the United States condemned the atrocities that Japanese troops allegedly Overrun in the Philippines, but according to Masayuki Takayama, the atrocities that the United States Overrun in the Philippines are Incomparably terrible.

A word of the day: The story of an Indian woman who married a white leader man called "Pocahontas" in the Disney movie is half-lie. It seems that the woman of that name married a white man, but it seems that she is just one of the inhabitants. This fiction gave whites an excuse to justify the act. (In fact, it had the effect of hiding.)


Native American tragedy
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映画『ネイビーシールズ』 の終盤に出てくるテクムセ(ティカムサ)の詩です

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以下、wikipedia より

テカムセ、またはテカムシ(Tecumseh / Tecumtha / Tekamthi, 1768年? - 1813年10月5日)は、アメリカインディアンのショーニー族の戦士、または酋長で、白人への植民地抵抗運動のシンボル的人物。





白人たち(the white man)による侵略というこの悪を阻止する、唯一無二の方法は、インディアンが一致団結して、土地に対する共通の、しかも平等な権利を主張することしかない。土地というものは、かつて分割されたことなどなかったのだ。それは我々インディアンたち全員のものだ。



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