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Perseus & Oedipus and Oracle: What do you think of fortune-telling with 100% accuracy?

Perseus & Oedipus and Oracle: What do you think of fortune-telling with 100% accuracy?


Perseus holding the head of Medusa (wiki)

In Greek mythology, the story of "oracle" is often mentioned, and this is a future prediction guaranteed by God. A king imprisoned his daughter Danae in a tower under the oracle of being "killed by his grandson," but Zeus invades in the rain and gives birth to Perseus. And he tried to kill this grandson and made various misfortunes, but Perseus cleared everything, and the king who gave up and gave up the throne to Perseus and retired, but he was hit by the disk thrown by Perseus in the competition and died ... What an ending. When this happens, I have the impression that it would have been better not to ask for the oracle.

And Perseus, who has achieved various feats, will be the first and greatest achievement to get rid of Medusa. About that process, my poetry--


The woman has her hair as a snake
The person who sees her is said to be a stone in fear.
But her face has never been mentioned.

But I think she was a beautiful woman.
By too much beauty,
The viewer is deprived of time
She turns them into a stone.

Perseus fought with her and killed her.
He was a Hero certainly,
Maybe he couldn't understand the beauty of Medusa.
He was an Insensitive man.

(Note) This is an episode of Greek mythology. Inspired by “MIDAS TOUCH” by Tatsuro Yamashita


Now, Oedipus is a hero who has been tossed by a harsher fate than this Perseus. In his case, his father, King Thebes, sought an oracle and received the astonishing oracle that "the born boy kills his father and has a sex with his mother," and took measures to expel the suckling child (Oedipus). However, the oracle is right.

King Oedipus-The greatest "tragedy" of humankind

Ancient Greece, the king of Thebes, King Oedipus was deeply saddened by the hunger that has continued for many years, and was conducting various investigations to find out the cause. The former king of Thebes, Laius, was killed at a three-way junction during Miyuki (Miyuki: the king patrols around) and the throne was absent, and at that time (Oedipus was insignificant). (When he was not an official), it was mentioned that the King of Thebes would be the one who defeated the monster Sphinx, who would eat the unanswered one by asking a mystery.

Oedipus, who encountered the Sphinx, was asked the mystery, "What is the one that has four legs in the morning, two legs in the day, and three legs in the evening?" Sphinx, Oedipus gave the answer and solved the mystery, was ashamed to throw herself into the valley and died. Three legs is the appearance of an old man poking a cane. And Oedipus became the king of Thebes conspicuously.



It was then, when he summoned a fortune-teller to find out who was the poor man who killed the former king, he said, "Your Majesty killed his father, King Laius. He wonders, "... what is stupid ..." and curses the fortune-teller, but nothing can be done as it is. "First, my father cannot be the former King of Thebes, Laius ..."

There was a fact here that only the late Laius and his wife Jocasta knew. When he was born, he received the oracle of Delphi (by the god Apollo) and was an astonishing oracle (prophecy) that "the child kills his father and has a sex with his mother" Here comes a shepherd who knows about the time (who was tasked with expelling Oedipus) and talks about his abandoned child.

Listening to this, Jocasta realized that it was Oedipus who killed her husband, King Laius, at the three-way junction, and that Oedipus was her real child, and gave birth to four children of her “husband Oedipus”. Fearing that she was doing it, she harms herself in her bedroom.

When he was full of blood, he tended to be unreasonable. If I could stay calm when I fought with King Laius at the three-way junction, I might have escaped from this horrifying fate ... but that might be my fate. Yes, it was Oedipus who killed his father Laius at the three-way junction.

Then, King Oedipus, who realized everything, stabbed his eyes with the golden Hairpin of his mother and wife, Jocasta, became a blind man himself, and went on a wandering journey ... There are various theory of closing his eyes. There is an interpretation, "abandonment of all everyday things, including being a king," or "castrated by oneself."

What is being developed here is a destiny that cannot be resisted by any individual. Even if all the characters are not malicious, the characters are danced by the structural mechanism. The process of "finding the criminal" and gradually becoming aware of the criminal is extremely severe.

Also, it seems that the theme of "patricide" is also depicted in Dostoevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov" and Shakespeare's "Hamlet". (I'm not sure if "Hamlet" had such a story, though there was a story about his uncle Grotius killing Hamlet's father, the former king.) Sigmund Freud said so-called "Oedipus Complex: Father for Boys." It is also famous for creating the theory of psychoanalysis that "there is an urge to kill and rob the mother."

This play is a masterpiece of the tragic writer Sophocles in the 400s BC, and its dramatic value is still shining even today. This work, Shakespeare's four major tragedy ... I think it surpasses "King Lear," "Othello," "Hamlet," and "Macbeth."

Fortune-telling about the end of Macbeth also appears in "Macbeth", which seems to be the best of the four tragedies, but it is not as serious as King Oedipus, and it ends with an ad hoc situation setting. (It's like, "If the forest doesn't move, Macbeth won't lose, he won't die." ... Enemy soldiers disguised as forests have attacked.)

By the way, Mansai Nomura, a kyogen master who I look at, has played "Oedipus King" before. What was the result?

In other words, it seems true that "prophecies" suit the heroes of Greek mythology.

Isn't it the attitude of not trying to know the future, most of all, by "prophecy"?

The book I read this time: King Oedipus (written by Sophocles, Mutsuo Takahashi, rhetoric: Ozawa Shoten).

A word of the day: Well, it's hard to say who's wrong with Perseus and Oedipus, but if I dare to say, the one who seeks the oracle is the worst. For a while, I was also enthusiastic about fortune-telling, so I had the experience of almost cutting off my relationship with a certain woman.

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What is unfolded in the Greek tragedy is the fate that individuals cannot resist. Even if the characters are not malicious, the characters are danced by the structural mechanism. The process of "finding the criminal" and gradually revealing that the criminal is himself is harsh.