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World-historically important era: with private and arbitrary selection criteria.

World-historically important era: with private and arbitrary selection criteria.

Since world history is woven by the myriad of nations and regions on the planet, it is generally difficult to tell whether any year is important (whatever is important). I would like to bend that point and arbitrarily list the six eras to reveal my bias in thinking. (Oldest first)

@ 751: "Battle of Talas". Many people don't remember this, but I think it was covered in high school world history textbooks. It was a great war in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, where the Tang and Islamic empires, the great powers of the time, and now China and the United States fought over control of the region. In the battle itself, the Karluks betrayed against Tang, and Tang was defeated, making it impossible to move further west. ... But this is not important. In this battle, the Islamic Empire captured some technical craftsmen. It was the craftsmen of the paper industry. Nowadays, paper is not as good as electronic recording as an information medium, but the paper invented by Cai Lun in 64 AD has been the king of information media for many years. And in this battle, the Islamic empire acquired paper technology and developed civilization. And what was passed on to Europe via the Iberian Peninsula! It was the 12th century. Then the savage Europeans were, lately, led to the flowering of civilization by the power of paper.


Making postcards with Japanese paper (by Rei Morishita)

@ 1215: "Magna Carta" is enforced. This protects the rights of the lords, who were famous for their mismanagement in England due to John the Lackland (for example, they lost their land every time they went to war). Certificate. You have robbed the king of some of his rights, haven't you? And this age is old. It is 574 years older than the 1789 of the French Revolution. This legal text is still legally valid (customary law). It was proof that Britain would become the hegemonic nation of the largest territory in history. I can't think of any Japanese trying to deprive the country of the highest powers. I think this is the reason why Japan cannot become a land of democracy like Britain. We, Japanese just only imitated the shape. The spirit is not inherited. "Painted rice cake" and "Oval for cats" (Japanese proverbs)

@ 1492: Columbus discovers the Americas. To be exact, it was the discovery of the West Indies Islands, but since the continent will also be discovered later, this discovery is the beginning. Spain and Portugal are one step away from the medieval stagnation until then. Europe has developed in a rude way to the former inhabitants of the so-called New World. Europe won overwhelmingly because of the "civilization clash".

@ 1769: The year Watt obtained a patent for a steam engine. (The first year of the Industrial Revolution) The Industrial Revolution has a greater world historical significance than the French Revolution mentioned earlier. The French Revolution, which proclaimed "freedom, equality, and philanthropy," was energized by madness, created a state of chaos, and finally created a stronger emperor system than the royal government. (Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte) Why did Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette be sentenced to guillotine? (For more information on the madness of the French Revolution, see Anatole France's “The Gods Are Thirsty (Les dieux ont soif) “Whether in 1215 or 1769, Britain is a better country than France. Well, I think France has been following Britain. (However, I also like France too.)

The other two are the most recent ages.

@ 2001: Simultaneous terrorist attacks. This is a traditional and contemporary "civilization clash" between Europe (Christianity) and Arab (Islam) in world history. Generally, both camps have been hostile since the time of the Crusades. When the degree of development of civilization is large and biased toward Europe, I do not think of my own life of hijacking the "civilization's advantage: airplane" made by Europe and assaulting the "civilization's advantage: skyscraper". Hijackers. I have no words.

@ 2020: A pandemic of the new coronavirus of Chinese origin. This doesn't need any explanation, but it seems that it's time to review and revise traditional civilization.

A word of the day: Two times in China, two times in England, and two times in Islam have appeared in these six generations. Europe (comprehensive region) 3 times. Looking at this, I make a private and arbitrary analysis that Britain, China, and Islam will be the most important nations and regions in the history of the world. Oh yeah, as an extra edition, the Russian Revolution of 1917. A tragicomedy in which the Russian people were ignorant, but even democracy passed and tyrannical communism arose. I can't say anything, the Russian people are pathetic. Negative event.

@A poetry dedicated to UK (The Democracy)

Democracy is a strategic political system.
And officials have a duty of confidentiality.
However, if necessary, provide information
There is also an obligation to disclose.
What is that Japanese national tax, Sagawa?
He deserves imprisonment or death penalty.


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@1215年:「マグナ・カルタ」施行。これはイギリス(イングランド)において(戦争するごとに、国土を失うなど)失政で有名だった、「ジョン欠地王:John the lackland 」に諸侯がにじり寄り、認めさせた、諸侯の権利を保護する証書。国王から、権利の一部を奪い取ったのですね。そしてこの年代が古い。フランス革命の1789年より574年も古い。この法文は、今でも法的に有効です(慣習法)。イギリスが、歴史上最大版図の覇権国家になる証明でした。日本人なんか、国の最高権力者から、権利を奪おうとなんて、思いも付きますまい。これこそ、日本がイギリスのような民主主義国家になれない理由だと思います。あくまで、形を真似しただけ。精神は受け継いでないのです。「絵に描いた餅」・「猫に小判」。







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