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man and woman on the Sexual side: A woman is a fire +convex and concave

man and woman on the Sexual side: A woman is a fire +convex and concave

Male-female relationship seen in "Musume Dōjōji"


Kiyohime(清姫), a serpent who chases Anchin(安珍)
(From Encyclopedia Alpha)

Do you know the legend of Anchin Kiyohime ? This is a story about the origin of Dojoji Temple(道成寺) in Wakayama Prefecture. The synopsis is quoted from wikipedia.

Anchin and Kiyohime :beginning of love

The time is around the summer of the 6th year of extension (928), the reign of Emperor Daigo. There was a monk who came to visit Kumano from Oshu Shirakawa. This monk (Anchin) was a very beautiful figure. Kiyohime, the daughter of Kiyohime Shoji of Masago, Muro-gun, Kii Province, fell in love at first sight when she saw Anchin who rented her inn, and she crawls on his man at night. As a person who is worshiping, Anjchin is in trouble even if he is pressed like that, and he tricked her into stopping by on his way home, so he went quickly without stopping after worshiping.

Kiyohime's wrath

Kiyohime gets angry when she learns that she has been deceived, and she chases her barefoot and catches up on the way to Dojoji Temple (Ueno no Sato). Instead of rejoicing at her reunion, Anchin lay a lie on a lie that he was a different person, and even asked for help from Kumano Gongen and tried to escape when Kiyohime was tied sleeping paralysis . At this point, Kiyohime's anger strikes the heavens, and she finally turns into a snake and pursues her Anchin.

The end of Anchin

The one who follows Anchin who crossed the Hidakagawa River and escaped to Dojoji is the figure of a snake crossing the river on its own while blowing fire. It didn't make sense for her to ask the ferryman to "Don't let her cross the river." Achjin who has the big bell lowered and runs away into it. However, Kiyohime does not forgive and wraps around the bell. Causal retribution, pitiful Anchin was burned to death in the bell. After killing Anchjin, Kiyohime enters the water in the form of a snake and died.


After reincarnating in the serpentine, they appear under the priest of Dojoji and ask for a memorial service. Due to the merit of the Hokkekyo(法華経) advocated by the priest, the two became Buddhahood and appeared in the dreams of the priest in the form of a heavenly man. In fact, these two were the incarnations of Kumano Gongen and Kanzeon Bosatsu, respectively, and ended in praise of the Hokkekyo.

Anchin who escapes to the bell, Kiyohime who winds the bell around.
It seems that their appearance can be imagined in a general gender relationship.

Kiyohime, who wraps around the bell with a snake body, is the "female genitals" itself. And does she mean, She burns out his male genitals. In fact, female genitals are sometimes referred to as "fireplace: hot". The man counters this fire by giving out "water" (ejaculation). Fire and water cancel each other out and SEX is completed. In this case, the woman's "love juice" is not water, but fire. It is "fire" because it burns out. This view can be seen in China's "Ying Yang Five Elements Theory".

Depending on the text, when Kiyohime crawls at night, Anchin responds by vowing to become a married couple overnight. It seems that there was a rich night life. In this case, Anchin is mostly bad.

Pine and Wisteria (sonnet-like poetry)

Pine tree: Hey, Ms. Wisteria,
You are entwined me,
How long will it be?

Wisteria: That was Mr. Pine, 10 years ago.
10 years ago
I wrapped around you.

Pine: That's right, anyway
After being entangled with you
I have no choice but to want water.
Wisteria: That's because you, we are still having sex.

Pine: You mean we are having sex ...
Wisteria: Mr. Pine, that's because I'm tightly wrapped around your skin
Is that part dented?
This is a testament to our love.

A word of the day: The kanji "必::must" is a hieroglyph and means to tighten a stick, and the word secret (秘/密) is similar and has a sexy meaning. I think you who read this blog will understand why.

Consideration of blatant sex (concave and convex): Yumiko Kurahashi's logic

I first mentioned Yumiko Kurahashi (由美子 倉橋:a novelist and essayist) when I was impressed with the uniqueness of her translation and commentary in the picture book "Looking for Me" (Shell Silvastein). That is. In this picture book, there is a missing part to make a circle, and the hero who rolls and travels in search of a piece encounters a piece that follows the missing part exactly and merges, but it rolls too smoothly, so it is still missing If it is okay to leave it as it is, the combination will be canceled and it will return to the state where it is missing again ...M s. Kurahashi added a commentary such as "This ending is necessary as an adult fairy tale." .. I really like this description.

Yumiko Kurahashi (real name: Yumiko Kumagai), 1935-2005.

By the way, it appears in "A Destructive Dream-Sex and I-" recorded in "Selected Women's Essay Collection Three Yumiko Kurahashi" (Bungei Shunju). It's like this. –

Stripping off various meanings such as affection and marriage, the sexual relationship between a man and a woman is that the existence of a concave (凹:kanji)shape puts the existence of a convex(凸:kanji) shape into oneself and eats it, and the existence of a convex shape. It can be said that is a relationship that satisfies the existence of a concave shape. This is a fact that is hard to make sense of, and therefore cannot be viewed straightforwardly, but it can be beautified by giving it a sublime value, or it can be sought after by a married couple in their daily lives. However, human beings can live happily thanks to the deceptive habits of reducing to simple physiological phenomena and reproductive instincts, and wrapping them in the wrapping paper of love.

For a woman, having a sexual relationship with a man is informed of what she is to another, and is declared to be a "woman", accepting it and being a woman. Is to become. At this time, captivating the freedom of others in their own flesh by allowing them to invade should be defined as the way of being "loving." A man is "loved". This relationship, of course, does not stop at men and women. Male sexuality, sadism and masochism are phenomena that can only be explained from the prototype of such human existence.


The reality of sex is described as a concave (female) pulls a convex (male) into her body and "eats" = "loves". Despite this metaphor, which is regular, I have a rather great sexual imagination in this metaphor. Far from being "unbearable to look straight at", I find it interesting.

And, "capturing the freedom of others in your own flesh" is a fact that can be found even if you trace the etymology of kanji. The word "必:must" in "must" is based on the idea of "tying a stick to deprive you of your freedom, and trying hard to straighten it" (Akiyasu Todo: "Woman's Kanji"). The "stick" is the penis, and the "binding thing" is the vagina. By the way, vagina (like a penis as a "sword") means "sheath: pod" to store it. That's right. In this case, the vagina seems to be a complement to the penis, but in Ms. Kurahashi's theory, the man is the object to be "loved" and the woman is the subject to "love". Oh, what a strong woman. (The concave vagina complements the convex penis.)

The relationship between actress Olivia Hussey and Akira Fuse is reminiscent of these topics. She came to Japan to appear in a cosmetics commercial, and she was sick of Fuse who sang the CM song: "You are more beautiful than a rose." Set up a boy. Then she divorced. She must have cooled down. As a result, it clearly shows the image of a concave that eats an excellent convex. If you take a good convex offspring and make a child that incorporates its DNA, she doesn't need a convex for the concave.

A word of the day: Normally, a man works on a woman, and the recognition that "a man loves a woman and leads sex" is widespread, but according to Ms. Kurahashi, "a woman loves a man and leads sex". "To do" is supposed to be the reality. Ms. Kurahashi's argument, which doubts common sense, is interesting. The theory of unevenness, in the natural world, there are examples of such concaveness preying on convexity. After having sex, mantis, scorpions, and male cell fluids that are eaten by females all flow into female cells, and the male body becomes empty(Spirogyra).

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