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Mugwort and its companions (Tarragon and Wormwood)

Mugwort and its real face: Mugwort is also one of the herbs


Mugwort transplanted to my garden (2020.03.22)

The following sentence is from my writing "Eating wild grass, JIMI (deliciousness) ! ! “. its description. (8P)

Mugwort (Yaitogusa herb name: Mugwort) Perennial Asteraceae

Mugwort has a strong vitality and cannot be eradicated by just bullying it. Asteraceae plants are the most evolved plants in terms of prosperity of offspring, and mugwort is at the top.

The feature is that the lye is quite strong, and when it is made into Ohitashi, the lye is a little strong and it is stiff and difficult to eat. As a measure to alleviate this lye

Cooking method-@ 1 Tempura This is very delicious.

  • @ 2 Boil for a little longer with salt and then add sesame sauce.
  • @ 3 After hot water, drink with milk, sugar and juicer.
  • @ 4 Kusa mochi. Previously, "Hahacogusa" was used.
  • @ 5 Chopped mugwort and tofu soup.

The best time to collect mugwort is before early summer when the mugwort becomes taller. It is the time when it is crawling on the ground.

The moxibustion is the back hair of mugwort leaves. Among herbs, French tarragon and wormwood : poisonous) are members of the mugwort. Chernobyl, famous for the nuclear accident, means wormwood in Russian.

As a side note, brilliantly fried mugwort can be tastier than "King of wild plants for Tempura": Kosiabra. It was good to have such a result, but that peculiar odor may change to a fragrance. Excellent! !

Regarding the points that were not written above, I will quote the section "Mugwort" from WIKI (excerpt).

It has a peculiar scent and is eaten by boiling spring sprouts and making them into rice cakes, soup ingredients, and kusa mochi (yomogi mochi). You can also eat it as tempura. The main components of the scent are cineole, tuyon, β-cariophyllene, borneol, camphor, palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2.

Young shoots and young strains that have begun to grow are effective for stomach upset, abdominal pain, diarrhea, anemia, and poor circulation when decocted and drunk after drying. Also, if you grow up a little more, you should dry it and take a bath. It is effective for hemorrhoids including low back pain. In addition, the Ainu people cured the cold and pneumonia by inhaling the steam from boiling mugwort.

An example of using mugwort for road construction is acacia, a fast-growing shrub that prevents the surface soil of the slope from flowing out due to rainwater when the road is made by cutting down mountains and slopes. Acacia and honey acacia(which is fake acacia) and spray soil mixed with grass seeds. Since mugwort grows fast and is a perennial plant, the strains that remain even after the above-ground part withers are alive and suitable for soil fixation. However, mugwort pollen is also an allergen for autumn pollinosis like ragweed, and there is a problem in artificially using it extensively.

It is a plant that has maintained a close relationship with humankind.

A word of the day: A substance called "Thujone" (or Thujone) appears as an ingredient of wormwood, but this is also found in sage (medicinal salvia: Labiatae), tansy (Asteraceae), wormwood (Asteraceae), etc. It is contained and is considered to be a poisonous ingredient (both are herbs). You shouldn't overeat mugwort and its company because it's delicious.

Deep-fried mugwort


I picked the tips of mugwort and made it fried (tempura without batter). However, keep the oil to a minimum. The bitterness was strong, probably because the season had passed. Sorry. Let's pick it in early spring next year. When fried well, it is the most delicious.


Tarragon : Delicate and generous herbs

Even if you say "tarragon", it is not a monster. It is a kind of herb.

The evaluation of those who gave a tarragon on hand before is:

> Tarragon was a very fascinating and nostalgic herb that had never been seen before.


Tarragon (Estragon: in French) : wiki

By the way, tarragon is an herb of the Asteraceae family and is a kind of "mugwort" in a broad sense. Mugwort also has a splendid herbal name, There is also an herb called "wormwood", which is also a member of mugwort, but it can be said that it is a poisonous herb. When Verlaine and Rimbaud were living a free-spirited life, they drank absinthe. It is a poison that paralyzes the central nervous system. Until recently, production was banned, but now that the process of pulling out thujone has been completed, it seems that it is being manufactured again.

If you derail a little, the Asteraceae "gobou" also has the herb name "burdock". It is European style that use burdock leaves instead of roots.

So far, I have called it "tarragon", but there are actually two types of tarragon. One is the "French tarragon" and the other is the "Russian tarragon". The former is a fragrant herb, but it cannot be increased by "seed". It's just a stock split. The latter increases with "seed",
There is not much "fragrance". Then, only French tarragon can be used as an herb. (Tarragon is also known as estragon.)

This tarragon has the following uses for cooking.

Leaves: Use leaves sparingly for a warm, subtle and good flavor. When used in large amounts, the unique strong odor erases the characteristics of other ingredients. Tarragon, along with chervil and parsley, is one of the indispensable spices for French cuisine. Tarragon vinegar with leaves in vinegar is mixed with bearnaise sauce, tartar sauce and Dutch sauce.

Add chopped leaves to avocado stuffing, mayonnaise for fish dishes, salad dressings, light soups, tomato dishes, omelets, and scrambled eggs. Herb butter for vegetable dishes, steaks, chops and grilled fish. You can roast chicken with tarragon, mix it with chicken stuffing, or put it in a pickled or mustard bottle. You can also enjoy a unique flavor by making ice cubes and making cold drinks.

Persians use Russian tarragon for grilled meat dishes.
"Herbal Encyclopedia 110" (Leslie Brenness: Nihon Vogue) P18

A word of the day: Whether you use this tarragon in small quantities or in large quantities, you can make the food alive or break it. It's an unexpectedly difficult herb, isn't it?

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In Japanese, original






ヨモギ(ヤイトグサ・ハーブ名:マグワート)多年草 キク科



調理法―@1 テンプラ これは非常においしい。
   -@2 塩でちょっと長めに茹でたあと、胡麻和えにする。
   -@3 湯がいたあと、牛乳、砂糖とジューサーにかけて飲む。
   -@4 モチグサ。以前は「ハハコグサ」が使われていました。
   -@5 刻みヨモギとトーフのスープ。




























タグ   ヨモギ  タラゴン  ワームウッド  アブサン  キク科

Tag   mugwort   tarragon  wormwood   absinthe   Asteraceae

Mugwort is a useful herb, and fellow tarragon and wormwood are also herbs. Tarragon is famous as a spice. Wormwood is a component of absinthe, but it was addictive and was banned from production until the component was removed.