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Zou Yan and the Ying-Yang Five Elements Theory: One of the foundations of Chinese philosophy, "Clouds are metals"

Zou Yan and the Ying-Yang Five Elements Theory: One of the foundations of Chinese philosophy, "Clouds are metals"

Zou Yan(鄒衍:すうえん) is a scholar of naturalists during the Warring States period(戦国時代) in China. One of Qi's Jixia Academy(斉の稷下の学士). In "History", it is written as Zou Yan(騶衍). Biography In the article of "History(史記)", the 18th year of King Xuan of Qi (302 BC) He rejoices in the proclamation and literary speech. Seventy-six people, such as Zou Yan, Chunyu Kun, Tian Pian, Shen Dao, Shen Dao, and the people of Senior aristocrat(上大夫), all receive a line and do it as a superior man. Discuss freely without governing. With that in mind, the Jixia Academy will be revived and there will be hundreds of thousands of people. From the fact that it is written, it can be seen that Zou Yan was in a representative position in the Jixia Academy. Also, according to "History" Mencius Xun Kuang Biography, Zou Yan was a person from a slightly later age than Mencius(孟子), and after serving all at once, he became the teacher of King Zhao of Yan and went to Zhao again to gain the trust of Lord Pingyuan. That is. Writing In "Kansho:漢書" Yiwenzhi(芸文誌), "Zou Yan"49chapters and "Zou Yan from start to the end”56chapters are listed as Zou Yan's works, but neither of them is transmitted. However, the outline of his theory is introduced in "History" Mencius Xun Kuang Biography, and it is believed that he advocated the five-element theory under the influence of Confucianists, especially Mencius. He also argued that Confucian "China" was only 1⁄81 of the whole world. The above brought the Zou Yan section from the wiki. He added the theory of five elements to the conventional theory of yin and yang, and created his own idea, the theory of five elements of yin and yang. This Ying-Yang Five Elements theory seems to be a kind of superstition, but it is also unexpectedly modern.

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Ming (clarify)5 :Five Functions (Ying Yang Five Elements Theory)

There are various theories around the world that explain the constituent elements of the material world with several kinds of elements, and the materials are observed and their properties are extracted. Modern science recognizes more than 100 kinds of elements and several kinds of quarks as finer elementary particles, but from that point of view, fire is thermal energy and water is a compound, so they cannot be said to be elements. From that point of view, the theory of five elements is regarded as a very rough and childish theory, but I don't think so, so I will write the grounds and take up the five elements as the elements of disasters.

First, I will explain the mutual birth theory as a basic concept. Woods produce fire (burning), fire produces soil (out of ashes), soil produces metal (from the inside), metal produces water, and water produces woods (raised). Thing. In addition, the five elements are assigned to various events. An example is shown in the table.


Pay particular attention to "function". Note that the simple meaning of the word is that "five elements" means "act", not "element". The Five Pillars are "work, function", not "particles" such as elements and elementary particles. (* 1) If so, "five things" should be fine instead of five elements. For example, "iron" is one of metal. It is a powerful weapon from ancient times and "cuts and hurt people". By the way, "Plutonium", the spawn of the atomic bomb. It is extremely toxic and can cause lung cancer if inhaled even slightly. Although the phenomenon is different, it is similar to iron in that it "hurts and attacks people". These "work" is called "metal", and the theory of five elements is a theory that finds similarity between the phenomena of the world.

Any phenomenon is classified into five elements, and the excess or deficiency causes a disaster. Elements are divided into 2 x 5 = 10 ways, such as Kou (甲:yang), Otsu(乙:yin), Hei(丙:yang), and Tei (丁:yin) (Jukkan). This is the Ying Yang Five Elements. The following is an example of a five-element theory. When I was a kid, It was broadcasting a special effects hero called "Rainbow Man". It was set to transform into seven incarnations of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and to fight against the evil organization "Death and Death" that attempts to eliminate the Japanese. By the way, the "incarnation of metal" in it can fly in the sky. I was wondering why gold could fly in the sky. However, the reason can be explained by the theory of five elements. The color of gold is white (see table), white and flying-it's a cloud. It's only natural that clouds fly in the sky. The incarnation of metal was the incarnation of clouds. Also, the theory that "metal produces water" is difficult to understand, and is usually explained by the phenomenon that "water condenses on the surface of metal", but this is crisper than "water produces trees". bad. But if you think of metal as a cloud, it's very easy to understand because it rains (water).

I think the idea that white indicates the color of "metal" is simple but powerful. It is important to note that clouds are not considered to be water because they are lumps of water, but because they act to bring down water. This is the five elements = functional theory. For metal, if we generalize the function of metal to "attack, cut", we can say "block". In a familiar example, the pot is cooked with the fire and water shut off. In that sense, the pot is metal. Clouds also block the sun's rays and make them cloudy. In that sense, clouds are also metal. The above can be seen for the other five elements. Water as a real substance can be metal as a function. I think that this is the greatest merit of the Ying-Yang Five Elements theory, which is not fixed as a thing.

References * 1 Sanmeigaku:Nobutada Yagihashi, Kanki Books

A word of the day: Inspired by the references, the developments here are my original. The five ethical items (Gojo:五常) are also under the influence of The Ying-Yang Five Elements theory: Jin(仁) Gi(義) Rei(礼) Chi(智) Shin(信).

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参考文献 *1 算命学(かんきブックス)八木橋信忠



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