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Woman Pregnant A Man: Lou Salomé(Lou Andreas-Salomé)

Woman Pregnant A Man: Lou Salomé(Lou Andreas-Salomé)

(Gender: social and culturally meaningful differences)

Have you ever heard of the name Lou Salomé? She was the daughter of a French-Russian general (1861-1937) and was a literary talent.


Lou Salomé(wiki:1914)

However, that literary talent has not been evaluated so much now, and it is said that the friendship with a man who is a genius is miraculous. Nietzsche (1844-1900), Rilke (1875-1926), Freud (1856-1939) and other top-notch men.

Nietzsche proposed to Lou, but was refused, and after that he wrote "Thus Spoke Zoroaster". Freud already had a method of "psychoanalysis" that he had pioneered himself, and since they were both adults, even if there was a respect = trust relationship between Lou and Freud, it never became a sexual relationship.

Rainer Maria Rilke was the most influenced by Lou. Lou met at the age of 36, when he was 22
, after married a scholar named Andreas. However, the love that struck them brought them to the abyss and heights in a sense.

Until then, Rilke was a poet who wrote lyric poetry, but when he met Lou, he began to write magnificent poems. For example:

Quiet friend, translated by Toshihiko Katayama

Feel, quiet friends living in the distant places
I hope your breathing is even more widespread.
Throughout the pitch-black bell tower
Make a sound and roar. Something that eats you

It's a force-above you, the food.
Before you go in and out, take the path of transformation.
How much is your most painful experience?
If drinking is bitter to you, turn it into wine.

This night at the crossroads of all your sensuality
A mysterious power full of water
Before becoming-the meaning of a rare encounter with those sensuality.

And if you are forgotten by this world
Say to the quiet land- "I will blow".
Say to the torrent- "I am."

(From Sonnet to Orpheus): “Bridge to Poetry “(Makoto Oooka: Iwanami Shinsho)

... and so on. (This poem was taught by a friend of Hitotsubashi University, such as "Literary Youth.") From anyone, I think Lou was "Femme Fatale: A Woman of Fate" for Rilke. Like Nietzsche, the man who went out with Lou had some kind of chemical reaction in his mind, and of course he couldn't give birth to a human child, so I think he would do some ideological big work. And when Rilke broke up with Lou, when he closed his short life, he said, "I want you to ask Lou what was wrong with me." It was "Femme Fatale" until the end, Lou is for Rilke.

I also had a woman who should be called "Femme Fatale". I made a "disaster prevention pamphlet" for her who lives in the city, made about 100 copies, donated a part of it to her, and started living alone in the mountains. This pamphlet was the source of the 1999 publication of "Plucking the Buds of Disasters" (MBC21 / Tokyo Economy). I was also made pregnant by her. (I think it would be a good idea to discuss my example mentioned here in the same line as Rilke, but oh ,I wrote it.)

References: Lou Salome Love and Life (Chikuma Bunko) The expression "a woman who makes a man pregnant" was not in this book, but in another book, but I forgot the name of the book. It was.

A word of the day: The word Salomé , or Salome, is said to mean "peace" in Hebrew. Speaking of Salomé , two women are famous. One is a princess who wants the neck of John the Baptist, and the other is one of the women who tried to add perfume to Jesus who died after being crucifixed.

Lou Salomé may be closer to the princess Salomé in a sense. Shiva, the god of destruction and creation in Hinduism in India, and his wife, Kali, who kills him. Shiva-Rilke, Curly-Zalome. (Shiva is said to be reborn again after being killed by Kali.)

Today's poem

To Mr. A

The fire moves.
You are you,
I am me.
I'm a rabbit,
You are a bear.
Gas is dregs.
Let's foot race in the field!

This poem was written around 1984, and when I taught my friend A about the specialized "water problem", he taught me the goodness of "charcoal". He was a big person and I was likely to be under his influence, so I could say I wrote a poem like this for precautions. The first line, "Fire moves." Of course, describes how charcoal burns, but one person said, "It's a cosmic phrase." The expression "gas is dregs" is also a phrase mentioned in comparison with charcoal.

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静かな友よ  片山敏彦訳

君の呼吸が さらに拡がりを増しているのを。

君のもっともつらい経験も 何ほどのことぞ?
飲むことが君に苦いなら 葡萄酒に化したまえ。

この夜 君のあらゆる官能の十字路で





参考文献:ルー・サロメ 愛と生涯 (ちくま文庫)なお、「男を妊娠させる女」という表現はこの本にはなく、別の本にあったのですが、本の名称は失念してしまいました。